Application (Event Team)

Discord Name: gotta go fast (#9661)

Minecraft Name: J4YD3N_2315

Server Join Date: 12/06/2019

Why do you want to join the team?: I’ve been looking for something to reignite my interest in Minecraft, and to have something to do. I think it would be interesting to explore my creativity in building for the Events Team, whilst also helping out where I can with the other members. I would also like to see the main discord server be used more, and If my help in organising fun server-wide events assists in that, It would be great.

What are some things you’d like to see on the server?: A way to get the more Minecraft server bound players interested in the discord server, such as events that let them socialise with some of the people that tend to stick to the discord, to encourage them to talk there more. Also some fun events/areas that the Minecraft players can do/go when they feel like there is nothing else to do on the server at that moment.

If you had to plan an event what would it be?: For the server? I was thinking maybe some kind of semi-interactive festival. The main attraction I have planned out so far is a dunk tank, where players would throw items to try and dunk the player. I created a mini-working copy, just to make sure it was achievable. A rollercoaster is a given, and I’m working on ideas that could be added to it. Discord? Just some fun themed Gartic Phone is my first thought, as even those who aren’t great at drawing can have fun with it.

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