Application For Event Team

Discord Name: GaymerPromedio

Minecraft Name: GaymerPromedio

Server Join Date: 8/02/2022

Why do you want to join the team?
Even when im new to this server (and I dont have the requiriment of 31 days) Im sure that with my optimism and my willing to help, we could revive the server and make it something on its own, not depending on the minecraft server.

What are some things you’d like to see on the server?
More active activities, as fridays of gartic phone, or mondays of movies and that sort of stuff.

If you had to plan an event what would it be?
Im thinking making a big event of media, like short movies (animated or rl), make online visits to some places, maybe a kind of roleplay event and that kind of stuff for the discord. On the other hand, for the minecraft server, make tournaments like building ones, pvp ones, or skyways or bedwars and stuff I think would be so much fun and could work just fine :smiley:

I really hope you could see the great adition I could be, even when Im so new.

Have a nice day!