Caves & Cliffs Discussion


Let’s start the discussion on the caves and cliffs
We’ve previously said that we will be resetting the server world on the release of the update, this is still the case. We will be resetting once the update becomes stable enough most likely early 2022.

As with any map reset, we like to change things up, at the last map reset we introduced two new plugins to the server, Slimefun, and Towny.
When we reset for 1.18 we plan on removing Towny but would love to hear your thoughts on this, are there any plugins that you’d like to see be added/removed from the server at reset?


I joined the server in season 1 where it was pretty much vanilla I think it should go back to this season 2 got really distracting for me with all the new additions :roll_eyes:

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Before the reset, there used to be an online map plugin thing which was very useful and I did kinda miss this after the reset.


ahh yea! The online map was great, we can definitely add that back on season 3. The only reason it got removed was that it broke a few of our commands at the beginning of the reset of season 2. We tried adding it back a couple of weeks into the new season but as so much of the world was already explored it was causing too much lag to generate the online map

I LOVED the online map! It was so cool to see what other bases where close by to mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Bringing Slimefun and Towny into the Server has brought a few positive additions to the Survival.

With Slimefun you bring a lot of new “achievements” to grind for. You get new fun foods, plants, trees and blocks to decorate with in builds. You get access to more machines which can be fun to learn more about for storage systems, smelting machines and basically everything one can automate. Which should also reduce lag due to less redstone activity.

Slimefun brings amazing new enchants, tools, and weapons to really spice things up while slaying mobs, mining or cutting trees. Id simply call it a more unique way of playing the basic Survival we all enjoy.

Towny on the other hand, is more about the feeling of reuniting players to come together to play, explore, build and live together to make a Town where everyone can be apart of.
“Why do we need Towny to to that?”: u say?
Well Towny gives a basic Claim Protection to prevent those non-friendly unknown people to come ruin your stuff. The plugin also gives a cool feature with being able to change the Town Settings into making the whole area claimed by the Town, into a non-spawnable hostile mobs area. So you don’t need to mob-proof everything around you with torches, slabs or carpets.

Towny also gives the possibility to make a “Town Spawn” which everyone in the Town can teleport to, private messages between Town Members. But most importantly, you get that awesome looking information board of what the name of the Town is, you get the broadcast when entering the Town Land, info about who’s apart of the Town, and access to a Town bank where everyone can work together for a better eco.

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I do like Towny and I think it brought quite a lot to the server but, I think we made a mistake adding it mid-season. We already had Grief Prevention for this and then added Towny which caused some conflicts. I think we need to decide as a community which one we move forward into season 3 with as we can’t have both again.

Hmm a big factor when deciding which to move forward with, would be to know if Supporters can get access to /fly with the use of Towny Claims, also about making it so a person with a Solo Town can also manage to claim enough land to cover their build, just as easy as a Town with multiple players. Last factor would be about some of the Staff commands on bypassing Towny. Otherwise i think Towny has a lot more to give then the old grief prevention plugin.

  • im not a huge fan of towny because it confuses me from both a player and mod perspective,
  • I really love what slime fun added to the gameplay however, I think we should get rid of plants because people fucked the market with the netherite plants.
  • I think we should have a physical shop instead of the /shop command we currently have, I think it’d be easier to edit.
  • A marriage plugin that allows poly relationships would be great
  • An “About Me” plugin which allows people to see pronouns, and maybe age when you hover over someones name in chat

I agree Slimefun plants really screwed the economy, I love the sound of the poly marriage, I will contact the marriage plugin developer about this.
We already have functions that allow us to have “About Me” if you remember we were going to add “Tags” we could have these tags allow players to select their pronouns etc kinda like on Discord and add it to the hover menu.

When we added Towny this was something that got looked at, there wasn’t any plugin that I could find at that time that allowed for this :neutral_face:

slimefun can be really overwhelming sometimes imo :pensive: that might be smth to take into consideration

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Welcome to the forum @_rat ! :wave:
I agree with that however, I think it’s great that slimefun is totally optional and doesn’t put players that choose not to use it at a disadvantage as we aren’t a PVP server

I agree with removing the option to use the “Ore Plants” that messes with the eco, but i’d like to keep the normal plants like “Onions” etc those are fun to have and decorate with.


We can definitely remove slimefun ore plants. Will create a poll nearer the time with a set amount of features to add/remove. Does any else have any other thoughts?

My thoughts on the matter:
A way to see more information about the player (pronouns & such) is fantastic.
A world map would be awesome.
Slimefun Ore Plants are absolutely overpowered, but only the high tier ones. Diamond, Emerald, Netherite, totally, you can remove them. Gold and tin? Those are super nice!
I rarely interacted with towny, but I believe offering this would be nice to players who are into that.

As always, thank you Staff and thank you Kyle.

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There’s this plugin that would be good for events, but i get that people wouldn’t want this in thier survival experience??? It’s Called Crackshot (yes) and it’s a customizable guns plugin.

As for the Towny, i am not really sure? Slimefun Plants are kinda good, but let’s remove Netnerite Plants.
Netherite plants are just straight up Money Farms. We don’t want people casually running around with who knows how many millions?! make it fair maybe?

I don’t really know.

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This would be a cool event, will definitely keep it in mind.

Netherite plants are being removed :smile: