Devi's application for staff

Please fill out this application in its entirety. Keep in mind spelling and grammar, and please provide as much info as you can.
Give our admins a few days to reach out to you to let you know if your application was successful or not!

Minecraft Name: DeviateSinger74
Discord Name (DeviateSinger74#8325):
How old are you?: 17
Time zone: U.S
First joined the Minecraft server (date): 14/02/22
Do you have any bans or punishments?:No
If any, what punishments do you have?:
Why do you want to be staff?: I want to help this server I really like this server a lot of people on here are really nice and I would like to become an admin to ban people who only like to come in to be rude. A lot of mods do not respond when we call for them.
What prior moderation/administration experience do you have?: I am a admin in another server, so I have a little experience.
How will you benefit us?: I will help when people are spamming in the server.
What is one thing you’d change about the community?: Mods being more active.

Hi! Due to lack of info we cannot accept this application. Please add the date you joined the mc server.

Hello doc sadly I do not remember when I joined is there a way for me to see when I joined?

do /playtime in the server

Thank you doc I will update it

I updated my forum please check again.

Thank you! We will get back to you on discord in the next few days.

Thank you doc have a great day