Event Team Application

Discord Name:

Minecraft Name:

Server Join Date:
January 17th

Why do you want to join the team?
I would like to join the team because I am both a good builder and used to be an event manager for a small-scale Minecraft server. (58 Members at its peek)
I am also very creative and have a good imagination.

What are some things you’d like to see on the server?
PvP tournaments, Skin King, and other small things like parkour and build wars.

If you had to plan an event what would it be?
Build wars. It would be teams of 4 or solo (Depends) and they would build after a certain theme. Say (medieval, space, steampunk, etc) And they would have between 15 to 30 minutes to build it. Then eighter the staff or event team votes for the best build. The winner would win some role/rank in discord or/and Minecraft called event winner.

That would be one of my events :slight_smile:
Love, Charlie :heart:

Thank you for applying! We will get back to you soon!