Flaafs application for staff

Please fill out this application in its entirety. Keep in mind spelling and grammar, and please provide as much info as you can.
Give our admins a few days to reach out to you to let you know if your application was successful or not!

Minecraft Name: flaafie007

Discord Name (User#0000): flaafie007#8895

How old are you?: 17 (turning 18)

Pronouns: they/them

Timezone: CET

First joined the Minecraft server (date): 1st June 2020

Do you have any bans or punishments?: no

If any, what punishments do you have?: /

Why do you want to be staff?:
I applied for staff last summer and was allowed to be a helper for a trial run, but due to personal reasons, I couldn’t be online that much. I still have the same reasons and motives for wanting to be staff as last year. They include wanting to help the community, be there for players both old and new on the server. I want to help create a safe environment for everyone that looks for one on the server.

What prior moderation/administration experience do you have?:
I was a helper on this server a little over half a year ago. As previously mentioned I couldn’t be online that much due to personal reasons, which I am comfortable with discussing in private, just not on here where everyone can read it.

How will you benefit us?:
I am a dedicated young, but mature person who is ready to help where they can to create a safe place for those who need one and seek one on this server. I am thoughtful and always try to see both sides of a situation, so in conflict, I am not blinded by my own opinion. I’ve also noticed there are not a lot of staff online recently and thought to myself, let’s apply again so I can lend a helping hand if needed.

What is one thing you’d change about the community?:
As of the moment, there are no things that immediately come to mind that need to be changed. I love the server as it is and how it has grown over the almost two years I’ve been here. I’ve made some wonderful friends and wish that to everyone on here as well.