Gatekeeper Application

Hello, this is SirRyRy (currently Rydolph). I saw the announcement in the Planetarium for the gatekeeper applications and would like to apply. I think I can be good for the team as I will act professionally and ensure to keep up my highest quality of performance whilst actively checking whenever I am available to do so. I have experience detecting/handling trolls as I am the lead moderator (in charge of the moderators) in a server consisting of 2.8k users as well as moderating for a server with 2.75k users.
My intuition is decent which I believe is a good skill as it allows me to know when I should be wary of a user or not. My reasoning for wanting this role is that I really enjoy my time in the LGBT Chat server and would like to do anything within my abilities to help out and assist in keeping the server free from trollers. Thank you for reading this.

thanks for your application, we will get back to you shortly!