Hallo! I'm Nightshade!

Hey there! I’m Nightshade, but ya’ll can call me Night. I’m very new to the server but I already love it! Here are some things about me:

Age: I’m 18 years old
Pronouns: I use they/he/she pronouns, I don’t care which you use for me, but please refrain from using feminine terms/compliments for me.
Birthday: September 16th
Hobbies: Baking, Minecraft (wooow really?! shocker! :open_mouth:), streaming, playing bass, writing, gardening, starting a project and then never finishing it.
Things about myself:

  1. I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was 7…help me
  2. ^ Grew up in the old era due to that so please forgive me if I use new slang wrong…damn kids these days and their funny words /j /lh
  3. My carrd is nightshadesundergrove.carrd.co so if you wanna find me elsewhere, check there.
  4. Don’t sit in a discord call with me while I’m exploring the new Minecraft terrain because I will either be a) going “holy sht!" often whenever I see something cool, or "holy sht!” when I inevitably fall into the new caves and die/almost die.
  1. I started a Waluigi cult in my 9th-grade choir class and that’s how I met my best friend, which led me to meet my soon-to-be roommates.
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Welcome to the community!! <3

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Suddenly want to sit in a Discord call while you’re exploring the new terrain, lmao-

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Lmao I’m always down to vibe!

What timezone? We’re most around at 20:00-1:00 EST.

I am in MDT (GMT-6) ^^