Hello, we are the Snowfall system

Might as well do something here since I decided to read though.
We’re the Snowfall system, a collective of weird people with too much free time.

We don’t share how old our body is other than being a minor, and we use they/them pronouns as a whole, though if you see us around on the Discord server, an individual alter’s pronouns are available in their display name.

Hobbies are pretty basic, being art, Minecraft, Terraria, talking to others, land listening to music. Pretty basic stuff, to be honest.

Three things about us include, probably that we’re almost always online, like looking into and discussing controversy, and have a lot of free time.

Appreciate it if you decided to read this, have a good day, night, whatever time it is. - Anahita

…Also I may have hit the post button early by accident, oops.
Second edit: ACK, there, this should be good now.

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Hey there, welcome!
Cool to see another system :3

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