Hey, I'm Synth!

hey gang! i’m Synth, and i just joined the server a few days ago. here are some things about me :]
age: 17, but i’m turning 18 really soon!
pronouns: they/them for the most part, but anything but she/it works
birthday: may 18th :slight_smile:
hobbies: minecraft, drawing, painting, singing, playing instruments, sleeping
things about myself!
1.) i don’t like cheese. like if something even has a little bit of cheese on it i won’t eat it. i have cheese trauma /j
2.) my favorite animal is a cat, in fact i have four of them!
3.) my favorite color’s red. it’s because i’m a stupid little kinnie /pos
here’s my carrd with more information about me (which i should probably update sometime lmao) https://ghostofthesynthesis.carrd.co/
have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

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