Hey there! Im Tris :)

Hey all! Im sure some of you here know me but an introduction is always fun. My name is Tristan, usually people call me Tris but I dont mind either. Im 24, currently live in California, and do some IT work for a “living”. As for my pronouns I use he/him but if you call me something else its not a big deal.

Im a huge nerd so some of my hobbies include things like AI learning, learning about space/physics etc, and I also enjoy gaming, rock climbing, biking and artsy stuff as well :slight_smile: .Im a fairly busy person so I may not be online a lot but I do try to chat when I can and am always up for conversation. If you wanna know anything else about me feel free to ask! :smiley:


Hey Tris! How are you? I didn’t know you were into tech things especially AI! :eyes:

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Doing great man! Yourself?

But yah I’m a huge tech/computer nerd honestly. I’ve been trying to learn about AI and Machine Learning recently :slight_smile:

I’m doing great yeah thanks for asking!
I’m also really into my tech, more software though rather than hardware

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That’s dope! Coding/programming then I’m assuming?

yeah, stuff like server-side, web development, and Minecraft administration.

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