Kristi's Staff Application

Please fill out this application in its entirety. Keep in mind spelling and grammar, and please provide as much info as you can.
Give our admins a few days to reach out to you to let you know if your application was successful or not!

Minecraft Name: 1011_Minerva
Discord Name (User#0000): έναστρη νύχτα#0035
How old are you?: 18
Pronouns: she/her
Timezone: EST
First joined the Minecraft server (date): before the reset, (3/15/2021)
Do you have any bans or punishments?: No
If any, what punishments do you have?: N/A
Why do you want to be a staff?: There are many reasons one would want to be staff: from the satisfaction and validation of being able to have the ability to help the members and fellow staff with expected and unprecedented situations to creating a safe space that the members could find a home in and to ensure everyone enjoys their stay. But for me, I’d want to be a staff not only to grow as a person and take on leadership responsibilities, improve my self-confidence to be more comfortable around people, and communicate more efficiently without hesitating every 5 seconds with my fellow community members and staff, which I could apply it on my classmates and teachers but to reinforce an even stronger bond with the staff team and community members and help everyone I can whenever it’s possible. I know being a staff member is a tall order especially since I have to balance my time with school hardships and the time and effort I spend with/on the community, but this community is worth it, I call it a dear home to me and I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever known on here.
What prior moderation/administration experience do you have?: I’ve been a mod in a community a few years back and have gone through a trial to prove myself worthy of the position: meeting a message quota of 1000 each week and enforcing the appropriate punishments on trolls and toxic community members asap. I’ve also been a helper on this server for 2 months and I tried to be as active as I can to better protect this community and get to know the staff better.
How will you benefit us?: I’m rather active at around 7-11 EST, which none of the staff are normally on, so I could cover that shift and better protect the community, assist Minecraft community members with my knowledge on the plugins and I’m active all throughout the day on discord from 5 am to 11 pm EST on weekdays and 12 pm to 1 am on weekends, so my availability would be beneficial and I could help the members out more.
What is one thing you’d change about the community?: The community is already in really good shape, but if there’s one thing I’d change is that there should be a lot more info about the plugins, preferably at spawn, especially the market and slime fun plugins.