Minecraft Lag Rules

Why does lag happen on Minecraft Servers?

Lag isn’t caused, usually, by just one person. It is caused by every single player on a server. Some people do things that are laggier than other things, but overall, we all need to work together in order to reduce lag on play.lgbtchatmc.com Because of this, we have ‘lag rules’ to stop lag in its tracts, and allow us to take action when something is lagging the server.

If you think someone’s build is causing lag on the server, please reach out to a staff member or open a support ticket on discord. We will check out the build and let you know.

Additionally, if you are looking to build something on the server and think it might be laggy, let a staff member know. We will check it out, and let you know if it is allowed or not. This can help a lot especially when it comes to Redstone heavy builds.


Mobs are by far the laggiest and most stressing part of any survival Minecraft server. They create lag that literally affects everyone who is online. With that in mind, never keep more mobs than you absolutely need. Kill any that you don’t need, and be sure to use the /shop to get things like leather, meat, etc.

We do have some restrictions when it comes to mobs on play.lgbtchatmc.com They are listed below in addition to the mob limiting plugins we have in place.

Villagers should not be allowed to build up infinitely from a breeder. Kill any unneeded villagers in order to keep your total number of villagers as low as possible. Be sure to consider what villagers you need carefully. In some cases, you can make dual use of villagers.

Turtles only need one breeding pair. The breeding mechanic of turtles allows you to breed one pair over and over, as they become fertile immediately upon laying their eggs. Consider keeping only two adult turtles on your farm.

Pigs aren’t needed at all on the server. Their meat is the same as Beef, and pigs have no secondary drop. Meaning, cows are the better choice.

We all love pets, but do not fill your base with more pets than you need. Never circumvent entity cramming. It is there because a lot of entities crammed into a small space are hard on the server. The more spread out entities are, the less lag the server will have.

Autofarms and grinders do not need to be large. The smaller the better. Only use what you need, and do not make massive auto farms/grinders to game the economy.

No useless or decorative entities should be used. This includes Wither for ‘name tagging an area. It just produces extra lag.

FarmLimter is a plugin that we use to place exact limits on mobs. We’ve provided the limits this plugin puts in place below. However, if you try to get around a ‘game’ this system, it will result in a ban.

Farm Limiter Settings

  • No more than 10 mobs (of all types) within a radius of 4 blocks (this gets the chickens).
  • No more than 25 passive mobs within a radius of 10 blocks (limits farms – excluding chickens).
  • No more than 10 hostile mobs within a radius of 6 blocks (limits grinders).
  • No more than 6 turtles within a radius of 5 blocks (turtles cause a TON of lag).
  • No more than 40 villagers within a radius of 50 blocks.


After mobs, hoppers are the biggest cause of lag on play.lgbtchatmc.com While we do have a setup that makes hoppers move 3 items at a time every 3 ticks instead of 1 item every tick, we still do need to try and reduce our hoppers as much as possible.

When collecting items in a vertical line with hoppers, alternate them with single chests. When gathering items on farms, use chunk hoppers. This will remove ‘moving’ any items with hoppers. Never put hoppers in a line to move items. This isn’t needed. Just store the items in chests. You don’t need to do them. If you do, your farm is too large. Set up storage systems so that if the other end fills up, the extra items get automatically destroyed rather than sitting on full hoppers waiting to despawn. Bulk storage systems where random items are dropped in and sent into chests should be avoided because they are likely to cause a situation that is especially taxing. Hopper clocks and timers, as well as auto-sorters using hoppers, are altered because of the 3 items every 3 tick hopper change. Thus, they should be avoided.


You can’t talk about lag on Minecraft servers without talking about redstone. Redstone is going to cause lag no matter what, but there are a lot of things that you can do to reduce the lag impact that redstone has.

Bigger is not better. Try to make farms a reasonable size for what you need and no larger. The smaller the better Think about how much of a resource you actually need and make a farm that will give you just that amount.Think about the design you use. If you have a farm with a lot of pistons to break crops automatically, can you set it up so that the pistons fire in sequence instead of all at once? Can you use a slimeblock push bar so that you only need one piston and one observer for every 12 plants instead of one per each? Minimize how much redstone is running at once.Only use one observer per row of on automatic sugarcane and melon farms. You do not need an observer for each plant.Set up your machines to shut off when not in use.If you use a minecart hopper/chest to transport items, make sure it automatically docks when there are no items to move. You can set up the minecart pickup to only run after a harvest and an auto-smelter that uses minecarts to fill the furnaces does not need to have the minecart running all the time, only when it’s dropping off items.Redstone clocks rarely need to run all the time. For example, an item disposal dropper can be set up to automatically trigger the clock when there are items in the dropper and to shut off the clock when the dropper is empty. Push mob farms can be set up to use one observer instead of an endless redstone clock cycle.

One tick farms are banned!


This may seem a little odd, but minecarts cause a lot of lag on a server. Thus, it is important to make sure we reduce them as much as possible.

You do not need to store villagers or any other mobs in minecarts. It is okay to transport mobs with minecarts and drop them off in another location, but do not store mobs of any kind in minecarts.Please do not use farm designs that use hopper minecarts. They are extremely hard on the server, and you can always find another method that is less laggy and doesn’t use hopper minecarts.Do not leave empty minecraft setting on random tracks. We love to see rollercoasters and large train tracks on the server, but please remove the minecarts once you are done using the rollercoaster or train.ItemsBelieve it or not items laying on the ground can cause a lot of lag on a server. Because of this, we need to try our best to reduce the amount of items that are left on the ground.

When mining, please pick up all items. If you do not want them, you can throw them on a cactus or into lava. Leaving items on the ground when mining to despawn later just makes the server work harder for no reason.Auto-farms should not back up on hoppers or any other blocks. Please have items auto-dispose if hoppers are full, and do not let items back-up on ton of hoppers to despawn. This is extremely laggy, and unnecessary as it is easy to either expand your storage system to allow more items or make items autoremove when hoppers are full.

Other Entities & Things That Cause Lag

Now, while the things listed above are the primary lag methods, there are a lot of little things that, if they get out of hand, can cause lag. For example, other entities such as signs, item frames, etc can and do cause lag if there are enough of them loaded.You can find a complete list of ‘block entities’, which are basically blocks that cause more lag than normal blocks, by clicking Block entity – Official Minecraft Wiki. Now, we aren’t saying to can’t use these to be creative in your builds. Please do! Just be mindful when using them.Do not use end crystals in building. These are very resource intensive blocks and do cause lag.When using signs, make sure that you keep them empty and free of text when possible. For example, you don’t need text on signs that are meant to hold back water or lava. Item frames are a very small contributor to lag. However, they can add up over time. Feel free to use them to identify chests in storage rooms or decorate your walls. However, do not use them outside of decoration.Brewing stands are also an especially laggy block entity. Feel free to use a few for decoration or potions, but don’t spam them unnecessarily.

Restricted Items/Builds

There are certain builds and items that are not allowed on the server as all they do is cause crazy lag. Please let a mod know if you find or have any of these items or builds. Self-reporting will not get you banned. It will get you thanked.

Only use “infinite” villager breeder designs if you limit their breeding by limiting their food. Kill off all unneeded villagers and stop their breeding as soon as you have what you need.Automatic Guardian farms are not allowed. Guardians are especially laggy entities.Massive gold farms are not allowed. Please your gold farms as small as possible with no more than 10 portals.Infinite enderman spawners in the end are not allowed as they produce too many enderman way to quickly.Massive mob grinders are not allowed. Please keep grinder sizes reasonable for what you need.Villager spawners are not allowed.

Lag Enforcement

When it comes to removing and enforcing laggy builds on play.lgbtchat.com, we reserve the right to remove lag inducing farms without notice. However, unless the build is causing immediate lag on the server, we will give you a warning and let you fix the build/farm to not induce lag.

Repeated laggy builds over and over again will cause us to ban players. The ban length will be the same as an inappropriate build.

1st offense: 7-day ban2nd offense: 14-day ban3rd offense: 30-day ban4th offense: Perma ban

With thanks to https://breakdowncraft.com/