Minecraft Server Rules

English Only

We are an English-speaking server, purely for moderation purposes only. Please use /msg for non-English messages

Respect other players and staff

No harassment, discrimination, or hate speech of any kind. No Skins and graffiti portraying these.

Keep drama to yourselves

Arguments are going to happen, don’t bring the server into it. There’s private messaging for a reason.

No Hacking

Hacks include but are not limited to XRay, PVP hacks such as kill aura, auto-soup, auto-armor, etc.

No Griefing/ Stealing

No spamming, advertising, or links in chat

Any links or advertisements in chat are not allowed. This includes talking about other servers including Minecraft Realms servers.No no links to YouTube videos, Twitch streams, etc in the in-game chat. Links to these are allowed in certain channels on Discord.

Mob Rules

Never circumvent entity cramming. It is there because a lot of entities crammed into a small space are hard on the server. The more spread out entities are, the less lag the server will have.

Only one mob spawner allowed to be active in an area at one time

No Exploits

Please do not use any exploits. This includes going on top of the nether

No Religious Symbols