Welcome to LGBTChat

Welcome to LGBTChat! We are a welcoming community and a safe space for LGBTQ+ people! With an active user base, there is always someone to talk to.

How to Join In

In order to participate:

:one: Sign up for a forum account, you can log in with your Discord account.

:two: Join a discussion or fire up a new one! :fire:

:three: Introduce yourself :wave:

:four: Join our Discord!

:five: Join our Minecraft server!

Consider going the extra mile with these tips on how to be an amazing forum contributor:

:star: Welcome new members! If you notice it’s the first time someone is posting, make them feel welcome by saying “hi”!

:star: See something out of place? Flag the post to a moderator with a note! That way we can keep the forum nice and tidy.


so true bestie i hope you all have a wonderful time here

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hi friend :wave: how are you?

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Hello, fellow planet-folk.

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welcome to the forum @timmyontherock :wave:

this community looks awesome! can’t wait to hang out here :sweat_smile:

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