Zitrine's Moderator Application

Minecraft Name:

Discord Name (User#0000):

How old are you?:

They/them and he/him

CET, and CEST during Summer

First joined the Minecraft server (date):
3rd of January 2022 is the earliest record I could find.

Do you have any bans or punishments?:

If any, what punishments do you have?:

Why do you want to be staff?:

I have a genuine desire to help people. I have always had and always will. As long as I have known I have always put other people’s desires and problems before mine, ergo I would do anything to help them. This though I know is also something that can negatively affect me in the long run, balancing is key. I do enjoy helping people because I know what it’s like to be in their position. If someone needs help, I only find it natural for me to help.

From my month and soon a half of playing on this server I have grown to cherish this community that welcomed me with open arms. From the very first day I joined I quickly learned that this would be a great experience. Since joining the server I want to believe that I’ve contributed and helped people in various ways. I want to contribute more. When it happens that no staff is online I want to be able to take action whenever something happens that calls for the attention of staff, whether it is an issue with a plugin or a troll jumping on.

I joined the server because I wanted to find a safe space for LGBT+ people such as myself and the majority of people on the server, but I also have the desire to protect this community. I will do my utmost to protect our community, with or without the Moderator role. I want to help as long as I’m a player on this server.

What prior moderation/administration experience do you have?:

In real life I am currently in the ‘Student Board’ of my Student association as a secretary. I’m not fully sure if this is translated well, but another word would be the gender-equal and version of a fraternity? It’s my job to make sure protocols are followed, written and kept safe. When we have events it’s also up to me to make sure everyone gets their proper accommodations such as the right type of food and such. With my Student association being one of future teachers, I am also there to provide guidance for new students who need any type of help regarding their studies.

I was the leader of a rather big Swedish Destiny 2 clan for years, until I decided to step down as I lost interest in the game. I read through applications to join the clan every other day, made a hunch whether or not to invite them and the intuitions I had rarely disappointed me.

As for Minecraft I have been staff on countless servers, that may be a red flag towards me hopping between servers like a bunny but that is not the case. It is simply a fact that I have played Minecraft for more than 10 years now and with that the servers start to pile up. Some servers seemed good at first but later ended up having questionable… morals. I used to be Moderator (and unofficial Builder) for a survival server not much different from this one, except that this one is far better in terms of overall quality and morals.

I feel it’s only relevant to bring up the fact that I was a Jr Helper on Hypixel back in 2014, but it isn’t my proudest time either. It was a joy helping out, but being young and inexperienced I made some mistakes that ended up with me not going through the “Jr” phase and reverting back to being an ordinary player. I do not regret the mistakes, as I have learnt from those and grown as a person.

How will you benefit us?:

First of all: More Moderators, more manpower. If I am on when no other Moderators are on there will not be a need to tag them. This is basic stuff though, and here are some attributes in me personally that will be beneficial.

I most always keep an active eye on chat out of habit, so if trouble arises I am fast to act. I also know what it’s like to be a newcomer that may feel a little left out, so naturally I want to be as inclusive as possible and help without a second thought.

I am a social and talkative person so keeping the chat alive is of no problem for me, and as I keep an active eye on the chat I am also always (when I’m not busy studying, working or sleeping) available on the Discord, so a tag at the mods would have me there quickly.

Lastly, I am knowledgeable of the plugins and rules of the server and also Minecraft itself. I will be able to help out and if I don’t know the answer, I will find it. And… in a way, I have already been beneficial to the spawn by building the current spawn together with NovaKinna, albeit we were the only contestants.

What is one thing you’d change about the community?:

I want to write a proper rule book or update the /rules list to include all the rules that are in the spawn as well. I also want to write a guide or similar to all plugins the server has to offer. I’ve noticed that a lot of newer players don’t know we have SF or how to use it, and I’ve noticed the veteran players aren’t aware of /psc toggle either.

There is not much I would like to change about it, but there are some things I have been thinking about that could help and/or improve the community. Such things are the server being friendlier towards players who does not have Discord, so an ease of access command to the map in the form of ‘/map’ would be relevant. This would give the player a link to the map.

I also would like to shine more spotlight on the different plugins of the server. Despite them being listed at the spawn, I see new and old players not understanding SlimeFun or being aware of the oh so useful and simple /psc toggle. This could be done by focusing on primarily one plugin per week or so and writing an informative forum thread on that particular plugin that will also be posted on the Discord. There would be a link to the thread in the welcoming message you receive when you log on. For the smaller Quality of Life changes such as the Phantom spawning toggle, they could be put together in one thread. The ultimate wish is for players to have an ease of access to learning about the whole server.

Thanks for reading :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for your application @Citrine and your great ideas! We are currently discussing your application and will get back to you soon. :slight_smile: